Enginering & Architecture consulting

2M Engineering is a company that works internationally in the fields of Engineering and Architecture works. In short we can summarize the areas of expertise as follows:
• Plans and design: residential, commercial, hotel construction, interior design.
• Road works: bridges, streets, highways, tunnels, ect..
• Hydraulic works: aqueducts, sewers, irrigation works, desalination plants, irrigation plans.

For the great and specialized works such as large structures, special structures, special systems of installations, new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development, etc., the company avails itself also by the advice of other specialized engineering Companies and University.

The Company has besides pursued and developed, during the years, a great capacity in the supervision of public and private works. The Company is able to ensure high quality of any type of constructions and all the works associated with the project are carried out in full compliance with the project's design and specifications.

For each type of work, the company will schedule the resources to ensure quality control and the progress of the work. It will be prepared and submitted reports of the description of the activity, charts of progress (weekly and monthly) and the Company will assist the client in the preparation of appropriate responses to the contractors. The Company, through its responsible tasks, prepare the progress of the work and the reports of certification of interim and final payments and can assist clients in settlement of the claims of the contractor.