Construction activities consulting

In recent years the Company has developed the capacity to provide consulting services and cooperation with construction companies. in this context the Company has pursued and developed a great managerial capacity  in the conduct  and management both public and private works in Italy and in foreign countries, thanks to the contribution of specific skills coming from the same world of large companies of Italian constructions (Condotte, Astaldi, Recchi, Grassetto Costruzioni, Adanti). The company is today structured to provide every kind of support to the construction companies by providing all the most relevant technical services (topographic relief and assistance, security plans and coordination, operational plans of security, operational procedures for quality control, quality operating plans, preparation of active and passive accountings, tender offer, study and drafting of technical and economic variations, preparation of income statement of the contract and prevision of its cash flow and analysis of technical and contractual documents in order to edit the litigation of the works.

The Company is structured to provide every kind of support to the construction companies by providing all the following relevant technical services:

→ supplying to the construction companies of senior managers/directors/technical/employees/consultants with proven and extensive experience in a technical and economic management of the construction industry;

→ study of the project, terms of reference, bill of quantity for proposal of tenders;

→ execution of the first topographic relief and assistance topographic process during the works;

→ drafting of the security plan in according to the local laws;

→ drafting of the method statements with associated quality control procedures;

→ preparation of active and passive accounting;

→ study and proposal of technical and economic variations of the project;

→ study of the project and contractual documents (terms of reference, bill of quantity, effective program of works, correspondence between contractor and client) to assist the client in settling contractor’s claims;

→ preparation of the economic account of the work and prevision of its cash flow.