12 mt elife electric bus

ELECTRIC BUS Project – The first 12 meters pure electric in Europe

2M followed the entire process that started from the selection of the industrial partners in China, afterwards the management of the certification process, through the company TÜV mainland, which led to the accreditation of the bus in Italy (Europe).
2M is now appointed by Italian partners to manage the following activities:
a) coordination of the activities of each parties involved in the importation of electric buses;
b) management of purchase orders of electric buses and related spare parts;
c) planning meetings and/or roundtables with administrative authorities, potential additional project partners, retailers, buyers, etc.., interested in the purchase of electric buses;
d) administrative support to the logistics related to the importation of the bus and all related products.
2M activity includes: the care and control of information generated by the various partners, the control of the source documentation relating to the practical loading and transportation of the export, shipping control of the tracking online and/or state control of shipping, customs assistance relating to the import/export  documentation  of both parties, communication with the Customs Agency, etc...

The project has allowed us to acquire skills in:

  • → management of Chinese partners;

  • → management of technical negotiations;

  • → management of financial negotiations;

  • → management of contracts;

  • → management, through accredited partners, of the certifications and accreditations.